What Do We Do

As a special interest group of physiotherapists in South Africa the Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy Group (OMPTG) has a collective vision and mission :

The OMPTG Vision:

The vision of the OMPTG is to promote excellence in manual and manipulative physiotherapy in South Africa, to ensure delivery of high quality standards of care and health promotion, optimising musculoskeletal health for all.

(Accepted National AGM, Cape Town, November 2009)

The OMPTG Mission:

* To support our members nationally in achieving and maintaining high quality standards of health care delivery by encouraging and providing continuing education in evidence based practice.
* To provide our members with good quality service resources and networking across the country.
* To encourage our members to produce ongoing good quality research.
* To represent our members nationally, and internationally, at the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapists.
* To promote a wider understanding of the role of the orthopaedic manual and manipulative physiotherapist, within our profession, other health professions and the public at large

(Accepted National AGM, Cape Town, November 2009)

As Individual Therapists Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapists can act as the principal provider of patient care or as a member of an inter-professional team within our health care system. Clinical decisions are established following consideration of the patient's clinical and physical circumstances to establish a diagnosis and treatment options, thus describing a patient-centered model of practice.

The application of OMPT is based on a comprehensive assessment. This examination serves to define the presenting dysfunction(s) in the articular, muscular, neural and other relevant systems; and how these relate to any disability or functional limitation, as described by the WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Equally, the examination aims to distinguish those conditions that are indications or contraindications to OMPT / or demand special precautions.

OMPT includes a large range of therapeutic procedures such as passive joint movements (mobilisation and/or manipulation), soft tissue mobilization, nerve gliding and rehabilitative exercises, as well as other interventions and modalities. The main aims of OMPT are to relieve pain, to optimize the patient's functional ability and to prevent NMS dysfunction.

As a patient, what can a Manual Physiotherapist do for you?

* You may contact your OMPTG physiotherapist directly, or be referred by a Doctor.
* OMPTG physiotherapists have a special interest in assessing and treating problems you may have with your joints, muscles and nerves.
* Your OMPTG physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive assessment to find out what the main problem is and find out how it is impacting on your life – if it is limiting your quality of life and function.
* Your OMPTG physiotherapist will advise you if physiotherapy can help your problem and if we are unable to assist we will refer you to the appropriate medical professional.
* OMPTG Physiotherapists have many treatment options to help improve your symptoms – we use a lot of "hands on" techniques from passive joint mobilization and manipulation, to soft tissue mobilization, to nerve gliding and specific rehabilitative exercises for your condition.
* Our aim is to improve your symptoms, of pain or stiffness, and return you to your maximum function whilst preventing recurrence or dysfunction.

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