PR Leaflets

The aim of the PR Leaflets is to promote OMPT to other members of the medical team. A list of titles is available for all to peruse, but only OMPTG members can download the documents to distribute to their referring doctors and other members of the medical team. To view the full leaflets, OMPTG members will need to log in. All OMPTG members are invited to set up such a leaflet by contacting Annette Wetherall at

Number 1 - April 2009 - (2009-04-01)

What is OMPT?

Number 2 - May 2009 - (2009-05-01)

Neck muscle function in chronic neck pain

Number 3 - June 2009 - (2009-06-01)

Effect of exercise in chronic neck pain patients

Number 4 - July 2009 - (2009-07-01)

Sensorimotor function and dizziness in neck pain

Number 5 - August 2009 - (2009-08-01)

3 Myths and facts about neck pain

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