OMT course 2017

OMT Course and Stand- Alone Modules coming soon to a Province near you!

The OMT course is an evidence based course grounded in the biopsychosocial management of patients with neuro-musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunctions.

The content of the course complies with the educational standards of the International Federation of Manipulative Physiotherapy.The course covers the current approaches to joint, muscle and peripheral neural tissue assessment and treatment, as well as an introduction to pain, communication skills, rehabilitation and movement control.

The course is run over several modules and most lecturers have a post-grad qualification. Practical sessions are well supervised. 

It is now possible to also attend stand-alone modules to enhance, enrich and sharpen your skills.

NB: If only stand-alone modules are done, it will not enable you to qualify for the certificate, or give you your APDL2 status. For this a National exam consisting of theoretical, practical and clinical components, as well as a research component, must be successfully completed.  It is also recommended, but not a prerequisite to do the Pain module 1 course.

Please contact the course leaders below for more information on dates and costs.  Only 4 – 6 candidates can be accepted per stand-alone module.

FS: Cecilia Katzke, 

KZN:  Rogier van Bever Donker,

SG:  Danielle Grobicki



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