MSc Programmes

MSc Programmes

If you wish to advance your expertise in physiotherapy, there are two ways to go:

  • ·         You can either do a research MSc (via dissertation at any of the eight universities that offers the physiotherapy agree) or;

  • ·         You can do a coursework/structured MSc in OMPT (attending classes as well as doing a research project at the University of the Witwatersrand or at the University of Stellenbosch)


 MSc (OMPT)(Coursework/structured)


This course is available at two universities in South Africa. Both programs are monitored by the NEC of the OMPTG for accreditation by IFOMPT.

1. University of Stellenbosch: Department of Interdisciplinary Health sciences; Faculty of Health Sciences; Division: Physiotherapy. Contact Prof Quinette Louw (, OR Me Lynette Crous ( or Dr Ina Diener ( – for more information

2. University of Witwatersrand: Faculty of Health Sciences School of Therapeutic Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy. Contact: Dr Witness Mudzi ( or Benita Olivier ( – for more information


Aims of the Programme

  • ·         To develop master clinicians competent to apply advanced clinical reasoning skills in the assessment and management of neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) dysfunctions at all levels of healthcare.

  • ·         To develop independent researchers in the clinical field of Physiotherapy and to introduce the candidates to the world of scholarly communication by assisting them to start publishing independently.

  • ·         To prepare students who aspire to move to the highest level of academic work in the field of Physiotherapy for doctoral study and to promote an approach based on academic integrity and professional ethics.

  • ·         To contribute to the pool of professionals in the field of Physiotherapy with clinical competence and critical intellectual abilities, to ensure the future health and advancement of the profession of Physiotherapy and to make provision for the country’s needs in a skilled health science workforce of the highest calibre.

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