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Treat your own back 6th edition

This easy-to-follow patient handbook provides the reader with an active self-treatment plan to re...

Journal of Manual Therapy

An international Journal of Musculoskeletal Therapy. The Official Journal of The Manipulation Ass...

Clinical Anatomy of the Spine

CD/DVD. Anatomy, age changes and patho-anatomy. Contact Shirley at 0215312717.

Mulligan Home Exercises

CD / DVD. Therapies for clinic and home. Contact Shirley at 0215312717.

Neck and Back Care Presentation

CD / DVD. An easy to use Back and Neck Care presentation, anatomy and ergonomics laid out in an e...

Functional Spinal Stability

CD / DVD / Video. A Physiotherapy Home Exercise program for acute back pain, scoliosis, osteoarth...

Imagery for core stabilization

CD / DVD / Video. Provides exercise program approaches for lumbo-pelvic pain dysfunction, based o...

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